Lola is a painter, a poet, a romantic, a dreamer – but don’t pigeonhole this artist because she is also a young politician who recently won a landslide victory to become her school’s youngest class president ever!


Seamus likes puzzles, games and just about anything else that tests his strategic skills. This year he starts little league and all you Brooklyn sluggers out there better look out because this southpaw has been throwing pitches that even his dad can’t hit!


Marissa loves being outside and can rarely be seen without her scooter, flying through the park or navigating the busy Brooklyn sidewalks. But this is all about to change since she was recently introduced to jumping rope by her cousin Sophie.


Who cares what the weatherman says? Leo will be outside playing sports, running around or skateboarding every day of the year. His least favorite words in the English language are “time for dinner!”


For someone “born a few years too late,” Heidi is way before her time. This hippie chick went green before the rest of her classmates and has been spreading the word about recycling, reducing waste and seeking out eco-friendly products.


Milo’s dad jokes that his son must have been a Wright brother, Henry Ford or Cornelius Vanderbilt in a previous life – this kid is obsessed with transportation! Whether he’s playing with trains, racing cars or flying model planes, look out because Milo is on the move!


Ask Leila what she wants to do and she’ll most likely respond with “I wanna rock!” But don’t let this multi-instrumentalist fool you because she also has a softer side. When not assembling her latest band, animal loving Leila can be found playing with her cat or dog (her parents won’t get her the T-Rex she’s been begging for!)


Nico is following in the footsteps of his artist mom by making things out of just about anything he sees. He loves playing with clay and creating 3D sculptures. His latest interest is puppets and he’s already made a puppet to look like every member of his family, although his dad has complained that his puppet’s mid-section is a little too accurate!

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