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10am Ė 7pm

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Mini Max Toys and Cuts
152 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201
718.222.TOYS (8697)

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We are located on Atlantic Avenue and Clinton Street.

Birthday Club
You say itís your birthday?? Well, itís our birthday too! Well, not really but we canít help getting excited anytime one of our friends celebrates his or her special day. And to help you celebrate, we want to give your child a FREE birthday haircut! All you need to do is subscribe to our mailing list and make sure to let us know your childís birth date. Weíll notify you when it's time for your childís free haircut and you can call to schedule your appointment.


Ok, but what if your child just got a hair cut? Or maybe he or she just joined some cool band and itís time to grow that hair out? Well, we canít possibly deny your kidís birthday, so instead of the hair cut, you can take 15% off any one item in the store. Cool?


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